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A Trusted Space: Redirecting Grief to Growth - Full Film and Mini PD


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About This Lesson

A Trusted Space is foundational training for educators on how to help mitigate the effects of the grief, trauma, anxiety and other emotional stressors that so many students, families, and even they themselves, are feeling as they walk – or video conference – into school. By learning about and understanding the complex issues and feelings that they and their students are coping with, teachers will be able to help redirect grief into growth by building a safe and trusted emotional space. This will ultimately create a better environment for learning and more resilient students. The docu-training film includes experts in trauma-informed education weighing in to address the overwhelming anxiety and fear many have about being in school, whatever the setting. The included mini-PD is offered by the CalHOPE Schools Student Development Initiative. Learn more at



A Trusted Space Curriculum 5 Days NCA.pdf

Activity, Interactive
February 26, 2024
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A Trusted Space 2.0
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