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UNZIPPED: An Autopsy of American Inequality and the Affordable Housing Crisis

Grade Level Grades 9-12, Higher Education
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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This community learning guide was created for the powerful film UNZIPPED: An Autopsy of American Inequality, which explores housing inequity in Venice and shines a light on the housing crisis in the U.S. and the complex realities of homelessness. 

There are five key learning sections in this guide. Each key section includes: a driving question, useful terms (when applicable), personal reflection, discussion questions, extension activities and additional resources. These sections can be used on their own or in conjunction with other sections in the guide.

Key subjects/components addressed include: 

1: Barriers to Affordable Housing
2: Economic and Social Costs of the Affordable Housing Crisis
3: Perceptions and Beliefs About Housing
4: The Value of Diverse Communities
5: Criminalization of Poverty/Neglect of the Poor

The guide wraps with a #RaiseTheRoof Solutions Blueprint Builder and content-rich Appendices that include Case Studies, Further Context and a Glossary of Useful Terms.



Unzipped CLG 6.9.2023.pdf

Lesson Plan
June 9, 2023
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UNZIPPED: An Autopsy of American Inequality [Official Trailer]
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