Using 9/11 to Teach Compassion, Understanding and Fact vs. Opinion Webinar

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Using 9/11 to Teach Compassion, Understanding and Fact vs. Opinion Webinar

Join Stony Brook WTC Wellness Program and Share My Lesson for a webinar on how to teach 9/11.

9/11 is an emotionally and politically charged event that for many educators simply hits too close to home. However, as years pass, it becomes evident just how important it is that we embark down this road with our students. High school students today have no direct memories of 9/11, and yet their world has been shaped by its deep impacts on our society. They are coming of age during a tumultuous time. Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. ISIS. Domestic terrorism. Growing tensions between various social groups. In this world of instant information and news, how do students determine fact from opinion? How does one think critically about the stories one is hearing or reading? Democracy, in any form requires the ability of its people to objectively filter information in order to survive. Our students need a safe place to explore what happened on 9/11 and discuss its lingering impact on our communities, society, politics and culture. This webinar will introduce the Stony Brook WTC Wellness Program 9/11 curriculum that is rooted in the stories of the responders and will discuss methods to help students develop a deeper understanding of 9/11’s cultural impact. These activities help students recognize the need to use a variety of sources when seeking information, especially about significant events or political issues.

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