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Using Census Data about Ethnic Communities in New York City: Map Skills


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Grade Level Grades 8-11
Resource Type Activity
Standards Alignment

About This Lesson

I use this ready-to-go lesson as a larger part of a middle or high school social studies lesson on diversity. Using data compiled by the 2010 United States Census and The New York Times, you and your students can look more closely at the neighborhoods of New York City to see how they’re changing. Which neighborhood is the most diverse? Which neighborhood is the least diverse? Which areas have the highest concentration of ethnic minorities? How have ethnic communities in the city, including Dominican, Puerto Rican, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian, and others, grown or declined?

This resource includes the following features:

  • 10 Vocabulary Words
  • Vocabulary in Context Question
  • map-based Comprehension questions
  • Answer key for easy assessment
  • persistent Link to the New York Times Article “Then as Now — New York’s Shifting Ethnic Mosaic.”

Suggested Classroom Use:

  • Middle or High School Social Studies Unit on Diversity
  • Unit on New York City History
  • Demography and Statistics Course
  • Current Events Course
  • U.S. History Course




May 11, 2024
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Compare and contrast quantitative and technical information expressed in words in a text with similar information expressed visually (experiment, simulations, video, or multimedia).


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