What’s in an Eye? The Eye’s Components

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The major purpose of this lesson is to promote the learning of eye function by associating eye problems and diseases to parts of the eye that are affected. Included in this module are discussions and activities that teach about eye components and their functions. The main activity is dissecting a cow eye, which in many high schools is part of the anatomy curriculum. This lesson extends the curriculum by discussing eye diseases that students might be familiar with. An added fun part of the lesson is discussion of what various animals see. The most difficult item to obtain for this lesson is the cow eye. Cow eyes from companies cost between $2 – 4 per eye. Some slaughterhouses/butchers will give you cow eyes for free, or charge a minimal fee. If you use cow eyes from these sources, you should store the eyes in a refrigerated area. Other supplies include: scalpel or razor blade, scissors (optional), dissecting pan or cutting board and wax paper, trash bags. This lesson will not fit into a 50-minute period if students are dissecting. If there is no dissection, 50 minutes should be enough time.

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