World War II In Poland: Timelines

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Timelines tell a story and provide a frame of reference for students to better understand history. Visual representations of the continuity of time help to see parallels in history, as well as the differences. Teaching with timelines enriches the learning about significant events and/or people in history. By merging events from the non-fiction story of Esther’s journey into a timeline of significant events of World War II (WWII), students will have a visual resource that will enable them to learn more about the events that took place before, during and after the war and how they impacted Esther’s community.

These activities are best suited for educators and students who have some prior knowledge about WWII, the events leading up to it, the United States’ involvement and some understanding of the atrocities of the Holocaust. We have provided some resources in this lesson, and even more in the related World War II in Poland (Sutori) to help you and your students use Esther’s story to enhance your teaching and learning. It is highly suggested that in preparation for this lesson, you review the suggested resources; they will be helpful in making connections and will provide information that your students can use with this lesson and beyond.


Students will be able to:

  • arrange events that took place during Esther’s journey in chronological order by creating a timeline parallel to the events of WWII. Students can use the book or the film to select events and first person accounts.
  • locate specific information on a timeline pertaining to WWII.
  • have a basic understanding of village life before, during and after WWII.
  • create a map key and locate the major WWII events.

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