PBS News Summary: Choose Your Own Event!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
pbs news summary: when should america reopen?

A town in Arkansas above considers reopening.     

PBS News Summary: Which Event Will You Report On?

Read the news summary transcript, watch the four-minute PBS NewsHour news summary video below, and answer the discussion questions and complete “Choose your own current event activity!” The top stories about the coronavirus pandemic are included in the featured segments further down.



PBS News Summary: What's Happening in the World?

  • The Senate is holding confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump’s pick to be the next director of national intelligence. Texas Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe, an ardent Trump defender, pledged to steer clear of political bias.
  • The nominee to oversee federal pandemic recovery spending, Brian Miller, said he would deliver impartial audits as special inspector general.
  • In Syria, there are reports of Israeli airstrikes in two different regions of the country. State media reports that Israeli planes hit military targets at Al-Safirah, near Aleppo. And a war monitoring group says that separate strikes killed 14 Iranian and Iraqi fighters in Eastern Syria. The Israelis had no immediate comment.
  • The president of Venezuela says two Americans took part in a failed raid aimed at toppling his government. They were arrested Monday, a day after mercenaries attacked a coastal outpost.
  • The Philippines government ordered the country’s top television network to shut down after its franchise expired. President Rodrigo Duterte had targeted the network’s news coverage of his administration. A handful of protesters lit candles and held signs outside the network’s offices, denouncing the government’s move as a crackdown on free speech.

PBS News Summary: Discussion Questions

  1. After watching the news summary, which news story would you be most likely to share with a family member or friend? Why?
  2. What international news stories came up in the news wrap? What is the United States’ role or connection to these news stories?
  3. How important is it to learn about global news events? Explain.

Choose your own current event! Watch one of the featured segments from the list below that catches your eye. Putting your media literacy skills to use:

  1. Which piece did you choose and why?
  2. Who was interviewed in the story? Who would you like to have heard from?
  3. If you have questions following the piece, what next steps could you take?
  4. If circumstances allow, share your responses with a partner or your class.


pbs news summary


PBS News Summary: Extension Activity

Enter PBS NewsHour’s Brief But Spectacular Video Challenge today! See instructions here: https://to.pbs.org/3ctqgfH Due date is May 10th. Teachers AND Students–yes, we have categories for both! Gift card prizes to the winners with the best judges around–senior citizens! A good way to connect all of us at this time.


pbs news summary

  • This article was originally published by PBS NewsHour Extra and can be found here.