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Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel (PSRP)


Share My Lesson isn’t just for teachers; we also have numerous resources for paraprofessionals and school-related personnel. PSRPs include secretaries, bus drivers, food service workers, maintenance workers, custodians, library assistants, groundskeepers, school bus/cafeteria/playground aides, IT professionals, parent liaisons, graduation coaches and paraprofessionals such as reading specialists, special education assistants and more. With nearly half a million free resources, Share My Lesson has everything PSRPs need to work with their students.

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We’ve made it easy for all PSRPs to access the resources they need to support their students. Whether you need a lesson on how to improve positive behaviors and communication along your bus route, a lesson to help the students you work with master fractions, or a resource for reviewing student expectations as they eat lunch in the cafeteria, Share My Lesson has you covered.

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Let Our Team of Experts Recommend Resources

Our team of experts works to curate some of the very best content on Share My Lesson with collections covering a variety of topics that span the curriculum and current events. Are you working with some students who have experienced a traumatic event? We have a collection of materials available to help you meet the needs of those students. If you’re looking for resources about staying safe and healthy while on the job, we have those in a collection, too. Whatever you’re looking for or need, Share My Lesson has a collection of resources available.

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Contribute Your Best Work

Do you have some amazing resources that you use or refer to while working with students in your schools? You can upload them to Share My Lesson and share them with more than 1.8 million SML members. To make it even easier, Share My Lesson now has the ability to tag resources for PSRPs, so your colleagues all over the country will be able to find them quickly and easily.

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Earn Professional Development Credit

Access free, for-credit webinars year-round! We offer high-quality webinars on a variety of topics throughout the year, with each webinar offering a certificate validating your participation. These webinars aren’t just for teachers, either. We have hundreds of webinars that meet the needs of PSRPs. And don’t miss our annual virtual conference that we host every March!

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Did we mention, free?

Discuss with Other PSRPs

Join fellow school paraprofessionals and school-related personnel from across the country and collaborate on best ideas and resources for your school and students. If you have a question and want to seek advice from other PSRPs from around the country, you can do that in our dedicated PSRP community. You can also offer advice and learn about new tips from your ever growing network of colleagues.

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Find Your Local Affiliate Group

Share My Lesson created a personalized space for AFT local unions. These resources have been curated, with the help of local leaders, to serve as your one-stop destination for high-quality, educator-vetted materials. Within this section, you'll find information on how to get involved in the latest union actions, timely resource collections and lessons tailored to meet the particular needs of each locality, and ways to communicate with other union members in your local and across the country.

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