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Includes a range of effective early education resources to help set a strong foundation for young students.

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[Uploading lessons] is a great, cathartic and productive process, and it has helped me see where I used to be as a teacher and where I am now.

The lessons that I download from are lessons that are clearly written and have strong graphics. The visuals are another inroad for my students who may not completely comprehend written instructions.

I would love my son's teacher to use this--that's how good it is!

Very creative. Good videos. Activity directions easy to follow.

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Common Sense Education 

Resources for Educators During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Classroom Management
  • Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, MS, HS, PD
Get free tips and tools to support school closures and transitions to online and at-home learning with these resources for educators. You're already...
Real Fake News: Exploring Actual  Examples of Newspaper Bias
  • Multiple Subjects
  • High School
This lesson will help students build a more informed understanding of "fake news" by examining real cases of biased or false reporting and the...
Helping Kids Deal With Upsetting News In The Media Shootings, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, end-of-the-world predictions -- even local news...