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Untold History explores stories, people and artifacts that students won’t learn about in an ordinary text book. Perhaps now more than ever, our history is a vital and very present part of the world around us.

So it’s hugely important that young people feel a part of that conversation and can see themselves reflected in our shared past.

Beautifully made animations and live action videos will inform students about America’s history and how it impacts today’s society – from the Founding Mothers to what marijuana tells us about States’ rights. 

These videos will make history more engaging than ever before. From the first video games to the cotton gin; how do the inventions of the past impact the world around us today?

Hidden Histories shines a light on influential Americans whose stories aren’t that well known, but are most definitely worth learning about – from the “Robin Hood of Harlem” to the greatest athlete of the 20th century.

History isn’t dead and Untold’s videos will make students feel engaged and empowered to start new conversations about their past and question what we think we already know. Not everything worth knowing exists inside the cover of our history textbooks. Untold is here to fill in the gaps and bring new stories to life.

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What is the Significance of 1619?
1619 was a significant year in the history of America for better and for worse. In Jamestown, Virginia the first slaves were imported and sold. Meet...
1619: The Legacy of Slavery in America
1619 was a significant year in the history of America for better and for worse. In Jamestown, Virginia the first slaves were imported and sold. Meet...
DJ Kool Herc's Turntables
Hip hop culture has infiltrated every aspect of American life but back in 1970's New York, two topics defined the era: disco music and crime. Over in...
Jovita Idar: Voice of the people
Imagine throwing shade at a politician online and police showed up to arrest you! It would be un-American, right? In this video, we'll explain the...
Stephanie St. Clair AKA Madam Queenie
America has always been captivated by crime and the sharp-dressed, trigger happy men who dominate the underworld. But one story remains criminally...
Neil Armstrong's Space Suit
It's one small step for fashion, one giant leap for space exploration. This is the story of the A7L Space Suit, work by none-other than Neil...
How The Census Changed America?
In 2020, the 23rd US census took place. A census gives us a better understanding of what America looks like; how society is changing; and what it...
Alexander Hamilton's Writing Desk - The Laptop Precursor
The average American will send and receive around 3,000 text messages every month. Imagine if you had to write yours with a quill! This is the story...
The Windshield Wiper: A Female Innovation
The first mass-produced car in America was basically a lawnmower with leather trim, but it was a start, right? This is the story of Mary Anderson and...
Marie van Brittan Brown - Creating CCTV in Queens
Spare a thought for the burglars of America - they’re going out of business! Since 1993, property crime in the US has fallen by 69%. Thanks to the...