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Share My Lesson has everything to support your child’s learning.

Find Resources for Every Grade and Subject

We’ve made it easy to find a resource to help your child thrive. Looking for something to help your kindergartner tackle sight words? Search “sight words” and narrow your grade down to kindergarten. Need some math help for your middle schooler? Search for the math term, and narrow your search by grade and subject.

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Let Our Team of Experts Recommend Resources

Our team of experts work to curate some of the very best content on Share My Lesson with collections covering a variety of topics that span the curriculum and current events. Need some ideas for summer learning or winter break? We have collections for that. Looking for resources to support social and emotional learning? We have collections on SEL, mental health and trauma-informed practices.

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Find Resources to Complement In-Person Learning, Hybrid Learning and Distance Learning

We know 2020 and 2021 have been years like no others as parents and caregivers learned to support at-home learning, juggled work and schooling, and then transitioned from virtual to hybrid to in-person learning. That’s why we created a community where you can find best practices, helpful resources, and meet and discuss issues impacting your student with other parents, caregivers and educators.

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Discover Original Content from Our Prestigious Partners

We have more than 400 content partners on Share My Lesson contributing several thousand lesson plans and resources—all for free. You will discover resources that span grade levels, subject areas and include interactive games as well as short informational videos. If you find organizations you love, you can follow them for notifications each time they upload new content.

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