Washington Teachers Union

Welcome District of Columbia Public School Teachers!

The Washington Teachers' Union is committed to providing its 4,800 hard-working members with the highest quality professional development. To help us meet that goal, the WTU and Share My Lesson have partnered to provide you with this website filled with first-rate lesson plans, curriculum and other resources designed to help you have a successful school year. It is WTU’s ongoing mission to ensure that its members feel prepared, supported and empowered in the classroom.

On this page you will find:

- Important information and announcements from WTU

- Currently featured resources on Share My Lesson

- Resources aligned to DCPS Essential Practices

- Common Core resources by grade

Essential Practice 1 - Cultivate a responsive learning community
Essential Practice 2 - Challenge students with rigorous content
Essential Practice 3 - Lead a well-planned, purposeful learning experience
Essential Practice 4 - Maximize student ownership of learning
Essential Practice 5 - Respond to evidence of student learning
Common Core Resources by Grade