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Amber Chandler

“If you need extra copies of the student handbook, ask Debbie. Mary has the lunch menus—she asked me to tell you to pick them up since the student helpers aren’t here yet. Also, Jim will be around to see if everyone has enough desks. If not, Bill will bring them to you.”

Who are all these people? I think Mary works in the nurse’s office—why would she have the school lunches? Another Mary? Maybe. Seriously? Now what? This is what I was thinking as I tried to figure out the best way to navigate that first day in a new building.

Julia G. Thompson

The first day of school is an exciting and stressful time for teachers everywhere. Although we look forward to meeting our new students, it is stressful to realize that the rest of the year hinges on getting them off to a good start.

It’s no wonder that many teachers sleep poorly at the beginning of a new term. They spend restless nights worrying whether they will ever be ready for school to begin, pondering what to teach on that first day, wondering whether their students will like them, and thinking about what to do if they don’t.

On the first day of school, an effective and positive way to settle students into class quickly is by having a “welcome packet” ready for each one. As a class management tool, welcome packets are an invaluable way to help students get over their initial shyness at the start of the first day. Have a folder waiting for each student, so as you greet students and direct them to their desks, they will have something engaging to do as they wait for the rest of their classmates to join the class.


Essential question

Why is civics education important for a democracy?

The 2016 presidential race has made teaching high school civics more...

Getting ready for a new school year involves so many different responsibilities that it is difficult to know how to begin what seems to be a crushing undertaking. Like all tasks, however, breaking down the various components into easy-to-manage bits not only will make the workload more manageable, but also will allow to you have fun as you get ready to meet your new students.


Amber Chandler

As the school year winds down, and I reflect on the year, the high point was definitely my students’ Passion Projects websites. You can read about the project here, but I’m going to take what I’ve learned and hopefully provide direction for anyone who wants to go the next step with me. What’s next? A digital portfolio.