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Diverse Books: Lesson Plans and Resources for PreK-12 Education

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Diverse Books: Lesson Plans and Resources for PreK-12 Education


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Promoting Diverse Books for PreK-12 Education

Our collection of lesson plans and resources, “Celebrating Diverse Books in PreK-12 Classrooms,” aims to meet the challenge of pushing back against the status quo of what we read and learn in school and help students explore all parts of their identity, whether it’s family dynamics, culture, language, race, gender, ability, beliefs, or socioeconomics. In this toolkit, you’ll find innovative learning resources from partners like First Book, Lee & Low Books, Re-Imagining Migration, and ADL. You’ll also find tips, ideas and professional development tools to help you diversify your teaching and adjust to a more culturally responsive pedagogical framework. Get started with planning your lessons and summer reading here.

More Resources: Diverse Books for Prek-12 Students

For children and adults alike, "seeing" people who are like us succeed encourages us to believe that it can and will happen for us as well. Having examples and role models is important not only because they enable us to visualize our possible futures, but because they also help us to define our place in the world. Learn more about the importance of diverse readings and culturally responsive teaching in this blog.