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Florida Elections: Integrity in the Voting Process

Florida Elections: Integrity in the Voting Process


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The election might be over, but the final results are far from final. We are tracking recounts in a handful of states and believe that this a teachable moment about the core principles on how our democracy works. The 2018 midterm elections in Florida have raised serious concerns about a foundational principle of our democracy: that every vote counts. 


This isn’t about partisanship. This is about the basic principles of how our democracy works. 

The AFT joined with Broward Teachers Union and the Florida Education Association to create a new K-12 civics collection to support Florida's educators, school staff and parents in teaching our students about elections and the integrity of the voting process. Use these free K-12 lessons and activities to help you educate our youth on the election and the importance of counting every vote.


With contributions from partners like ADL, Citizens Not Spectators, C-SPAN Classroom, iCivics, Statistics in Schools and Teaching Tolerance, this free K-12 curated lesson and activity collection will help you to address topics like: