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Stamping Out Racism and Hate 

Our country is a growing multicultural and multiethnic society. As with every social justice movement in our history, educators play a key role in building culturally responsive and actively antiracist communities for our students so every child has the educational opportunity to thrive. That’s why Share My Lesson is collaborating with the AFT, First Book, and the NAACP in an ongoing campaign to support student and educator discussions on race, justice and education, and to foster activism.

This initiative offers many free resources, including a special new AFT edition of Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You (a chapter book version of Dr. Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds’ groundbreaking bestseller on the history of racism and antiracism in America) and First Book’s Empowering Educators toolkit of videos, discussion guides and one-pager, and more resources coming this summer and in the new school year.

Whether or not you use Stamped as your jumping-off place, the resources below (including Empowering Educators, SML’s Juneteenth and March on Washington collections, as well as cogent, user-friendly materials on critical race theory) let you create your own anti-bias, antiracism dialogues, lesson plans and school/community initiatives. This page will be continuously updated and expanded, and we welcome your resource contributions and discussion participation.

Come back for more information on how to apply for grants to support student and educator-led book discussions this summer and in the new school year.


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