How do I upload a lesson?

To upload a resource, you must have a Share My Lesson account. Register for free: 

Once you are logged in, click on UPLOAD A LESSON located in the upper right portion of the page.

STEP ONE: Lesson Content

Type or paste in the title of your resource.

Add your description in the box. If you are copying from another document, the system will ask you to Paste the copied section into the Text box that will pop up. Add information there and click OK. 

STEP TWO: Upload Files

In this section, you will be able to upload a PDF or word document, a web link, a video and the image for the resource. 

To Add a new file, click Choose File.

Choose your file, click Open. Click Upload.

Select the Resource Type. It is very important to identify your resource type as clearly as possible. 

If you need to add another Resource Type, click Add another item. You will see Add a New File. Again, you will choose a file, upload and identify the type of resource you have added. If you need to delete the resource, just click the red Remove box.

To add a Web Link, copy and paste the URL into the box and add a title as you see fit. Be mindful that the link title is limited to only 255 characters (the message will appear when you hover the cursor over the title box).

To include addition links, click Add another item to upload the link.

To add Lesson Videos, copy and paste Video URL into the box. You may add another item if needed.

To add the Lead Image, click Choose File. Browse your files for the image you want to use, and click Open, then click Upload.

STEP THREE: Lesson Details

You must tag your resource to the grade and subject for it to show up under the correct categories. This is very important for users who are seeking a specific type of resource for a specific grade/subject. Try to be as detailed as possible. 

Choose the grade, click Next.

Choose the subject, click Next. Sometimes the category will offer sub-categories. If you want, you may choose those also. When done, click Next and it will either continue with the categories or return to the main page and ask Tag this lesson to another grade

If this resource is good for another grade, click on the box, and choose the grade. The same categories will show and you click Next through to the end.

When you have completed the Taxonomy portion, click Good for Parents or Available in Spanish if appropriate.

Scroll to the bottom and SAVE.