SHINE a Light on the Power of Us

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SHINE a Light on the Power of Us

Every one of us has been impacted by Covid-19 in one way or another. As we are released from the grasp that the virus had on us, returning back to a normal life may not be the way it used to be. Planet Classroom and Creative Visions have invited international youth groups around the world to submit their interpretation to the word SHINE.  In this first episode of the SHINE podcast series to support this multi-media initiative a number of talented creators were asked what they want in a life post COVID19 world, and what role the arts have played during this period. Their answers might inspire you to find creativity through these difficult times. Mental health, community effort, inner-peace, and equality are only just a few of the topics that our young creators discuss. Let Orb, Planet Classroom’s virtual host, take you on a journey of self discovery and overall realization of the vast possibilities a Post-Covid world can hold for all of us.

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