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WE Schools is an innovative, free, experiential service-learning program that nurtures social-emotional learning and empowers classrooms globally with the skills, knowledge and motivation to bring positive change to their local communities and the world.

WE Schools comprehensive collection of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular material is implemented in over 18,000 schools across North America and the UK, and is proven to increase:

  • academic engagement
  • civic engagement
  • college and workplace readiness

As part of WE Schools, we also have a new initiative dedicated to supporting educators, called WE Teachers. This no-cost program provides free teacher training and trauma-informed resources to help teachers in addressing critical social issues with their classes. WE Teachers provides access to a powerful network of educators working toward excellence in education and enriching students’ lives. Because when we support our teachers, we empower their students.

With these resources, you can help build a classroom environment that will nurture social-emotional learning and prepare students for their WE Schools service-learning journey!

To learn more about WE, visit www.we.org/en-US/



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WE Teachers Introductory Module: Trauma-informed Classrooms
Trauma exists in many forms and is commonly experienced by young people, but can easily go unnoticed. That’s why building a trauma-informed classroom...
Mental Well-Being Module
Poor mental health affects many students and their families. With this module, teachers gain access to an in-depth guide to common mental health...
Bullying is a form of trauma. The development of a trauma-informed classroom with strategies focused around combating the issue of bullying helps...