Standards Tutorial

Share My Lesson’s new standards tool allows you to add National and State standards to your resources. Align your quality math, English, science, and social studies resources with state standards in all 50 states and national standards, including Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Finding and aligning your lessons is easy—and helps fellow teachers discover the lessons they need most!

There are two ways to easily add standards to your lessons:

Standards Tutorial - Option 1 (screenshot)

Option 1Adding standards to a new lesson

If you are uploading a new lesson, a green message bar will display at the top after saving, stating your resource has been created and will ask you to complete it by applying standards.

Either click the applying standards link in the green box, or click the Add standards button below your resource to continue the process.

Standards Tutorial - Option 2 (screenshot)

Option 2Adding standards to an existing lesson

To add standards to an existing lesson, go to your user profile and click My Uploads. Find the lesson you'd like to edit and click Manage Standards.

Finding and Applying Resource Standards

A pre-selected list of tags for Grades and Topics will be displayed and are based on the grade, subject and topic categories originally chosen when you created the lesson.

  1. Use the dropdown menu to select a Standard authority by indicating what state, or national standard you want to add to your lesson.

    NOTE: You can refine the standards that can be applied to the lesson by using the Search text of standards box to:

    • Perform a text search that further narrows the results in combination with the grade and topic filters
    • If the search produces no results, the text query is widened to ignore topic filters
  2. Choose each relevant standard you would like to apply to the lesson by clicking Add standard.

    Standards Tutorial - Find Standards, Step 2 (screenshot)

  3. Once all desired standards are selected, click Review and Save at the top right of the page.
  4. Review the list of selected standards and click Save changes. Your standards are now saved. (You can also Undo the standards you selected, or select the Lesson Standards tab and continue adding more standards.)

    Standards Tutorial - Find Standards, Step 2 (screenshot)

That's all there is to it! Now, get started adding standards to your uploaded lessons or search for lessons that are already standards aligned!