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8th Grade Oral Reports

Recent 8th Grade Oral Reports Lesson Plans & Resources

Langston Hughes – A Major Voice of the Harlem Renaissance.

Grade 8, Grades 10-12, Professional Development

Civic Conversations: Talk Moves and Talking Stems

Handout, Worksheet | PreK, Grades K-12

30 Clues for Predicting the Pronunciation of Words in English

Handout, Worksheet | PreK, Grades 8-12, Higher Education, Adult Education, Professional Development, Paraprofessional and School Related Personnel

Introduction to IELTS - Listening - Off2Class Lesson Plan

Activity, Worksheet | Grades 4-12, Adult Education, Professional Development

Introduction to IELTS - Reading - Off2Class Lesson Plan

Activity, Handout, Worksheet | Grades 3-12

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