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9th Grade Geometric Measurement and Dimension

Recent Geometric Measurement and Dimension Lesson Plans & Resources

Applied Trig problems Type Two find Hypotenuse Length

Assessment | Grades 5-12, Higher Education, Adult Education

Geometric Transformations Unit

Activity, Assessment, Handout, Lesson Plan | Grades 9-12

Response to intervention Timeline

Grades 9-12, Professional Development

Carpenter's Square to Apply Pythagorean's Theorem and Trigonometry

Activity, Assessment, Handout, Project Based Learning, Review Activity, Worksheet | Grades 9-12, Higher Education, Adult Education, Professional Development

Arc Segment calculations using Pythagorean's Theorem

Assessment, Handout, Project Based Learning, Worksheet | Grades 9-12

Roller Coaster Project

Lesson Plan | Grades 9-12

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