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The Fires of Censorships
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The Fires of Censorships


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Grade Level Grade 9
Resource Type Project Based Learning

About This Lesson

Prior to beginning this project, students will have a basic understanding of the time period and purpose of the novel, Fahrenheit 451. As a class, we would have read and discussed Part One and analyzed characters, plot, themes and setting. Students would have also learned about various historical censorships. They will collaborate to brainstorm and plan their ideas to create an authentic end product, using a preferred graphic organizer.

Students respond to the various themes and motifs explored in the novel. They have the liberty to explore any of the ideas, connecting to self, text or life/world. This will be in the form of a structured paragraph-long response to prompts provided/suggested. Alternatively, they may choose to discuss other such ideas, after approval from the teacher. A rubric will be used to assess the quality of writing, factual evidence and structure of thought process, rather than the opinion expressed.



Grade 9_Unit 2_Fahrenheit 451_Authentic Task.pdf

Project Based Learning
April 3, 2024
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