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Grade 12: It's Greek to me!

Grade 12: It's Greek to me!


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Grade Level Grade 12
Resource Type Project Based Learning

About This Lesson

 Students will study the traditional elements of Greek Drama, analyze the qualities of an epic hero and then choose one of the offered prompts to complete and submit an authentic product. If they have other ideas, they will have to get the teacher’s approval. At the end, each student will reflect on his/her work, collaboration and contribution. Peers will give constructive criticism on the performance/authentic product and give suggestions for improvement. In terms of teacher's feedback, students will be graded according to the rubric. Once students have submitted their work, they will have the opportunity to reflect on their tasks and the entirety of the Greek tragedy project. In a recorded reflection, students will reflect on their product, collaboration, contribution and presentation. They will answer questions such as: What elements of the product you created were best reflected in the task you wrote/performed? What were the strengths of your piece? If you were to do this project again, what would change?



Grade 12_Unit 3_Oedipus Rex_Authentic Task.pdf

Project Based Learning
April 3, 2024
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