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Grade 12: The Real Epic Hero in Us
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Grade 12: The Real Epic Hero in Us


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Grade Level Grade 12
Resource Type Project Based Learning

About This Lesson

This unit is an incorporation of epic literature and personal image. In the first project, students will be able to apply and engage with “the central ideas and keywords of UAE culture”, as well as create, design and critique various topics. They should also demonstrate their understanding of the importance of using the keywords, ideas, structures, and practices of UAE heritage when engaging and communicating with others, to strengthen their national identity. Every project must have a visual and a PEAS/PEEL explaining what students have done. In the second project, students will work independently to design their “personalized” hero’s shield, complete with images, motto and epithet (adapted from Every Student Has an Epic Hero Inside By Marilyn Pryle on MIDDLEWEB · PUBLISHED 10/20/2020 · UPDATED 10/23/2020). Again, students will reflect on this process by responding to questions in a PEAS/PEEL structured response.



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Project Based Learning
April 4, 2024
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