Inside a painting

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Inside a painting

This is a writing structure that students can use to create an imaginative analysis of a painting. They should imagine that they are inside a painting but can move around; hear; touch; and smell.

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July 2016
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January 2016
February 2014
Summary level list of prompts to describe what students would see, hear, feel, etc. Can be applied to various contexts for review of basic levels of information. "If I were inside the cell of a leaf, I would see, hear, feel, etc."
July 2012
Good resource for writing a poem!
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May 2010
I love this idea as it expands creativity and builds bridges across subject areas. I am going to try it with students on a piece of their own work.
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May 2010
A simple idea but very appropriate with well-chosen paintings. Surrealist paintings would be really good perhaps. Also. a good activity for cover work. thanks for sharing it.
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April 2010
Excellent resource for getting pupils to engage with literacy within art.
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November 2009
I like this because it really makes them use their creativity in an age when 90% of the time they are spoon-fed images and video games. Thanks for the idea.
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September 2008
love this idea you could link this in with alot of drama got any lists of good paintings to use?