Let's Have Fun: Ways to Integrate Social-Emotional Learning into Your Literacy Lessons

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Join Peekapak and Share My Lesson for a webinar on adding social-emotional learning into literacy.

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Get ready for a fun-filled session on ways to integrate social-emotional learning into your literacy and ELA instruction. These tools and strategies are sure to excite, inspire and invigorate your students! We know learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, so we’ll share tips and tricks to help families reinforce the SEL skills their child learned in class. This will ensure the fun extends into every student’s home. Finally, Ami will share a case study with research findings gathered from a district-wide study about improving SEL skills in elementary-aged students.


Available for one-hour of PD credit.

 #9 Webinar of 2017

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August 2017
July 2017
Some incredibly helpful ideas to get children thinking and working on social and emotional learning in a really fun way! Thanks. Peekapak looks to be a super resource and I will certainly be trying it out throughout the next school year with my new class of 7 to 8 year old students.
July 2017