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Math Application: Solving by Substitution for Savings Goals
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Math Application: Solving by Substitution for Savings Goals


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Subject Math
Grade Level Grades 9-12
Resource Type Activity

About This Lesson

NGPF’s Financial Algebra materials combine Algebra concepts with personal finance concepts to provide your student with a solid understanding of Algebra that is relevant to them. NGPF’s new Application Problems always have 3 levels and are paired with each of the math lessons in our Financial Algebra course. They bridge high-school level math with real-world contexts related to personal finance.

Level 1 -- Solve a system of equations around two part-time jobs and an emergency fund goal of $10,000

Level 2 -- Earning two different interest rates with two different principals, compare savings account balances and determine when the two friends will have saved the same amount

Level 3 -- Switch to entrepreneurship and write and then solve a system of equations to produce a break-even analysis on your bracelet making business

You can find the entire course and the customizable format of this document (in Google Doc format) along with all answer keys (with a free, verified teacher account) at:



Application FA-3.7.pdf

August 9, 2023
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