Using "Firework" Song Lyrics to Analyze Figurative


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The PDF link provides lyrics with examples of the figurative language used in the song Firework-by-Katy-Perry. Great for grades 6-12. keywords: poetry, figurative language and meaning, song lyrics, common core. Aligned to Common Core State Standards: L.6.5 , L.7.5, L.8.5

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August 2017
December 2015
This is terrific, especially with the analysis key. Thank you.
November 2015
Very creative!
December 2014
Great lesson for my ESOL students. The current music used got their attention.
July 2014
I think this is a well thought out lesson that will engage my reluctant students. Great way to practice identifying follow up after the literary terms and devices!
June 2014
This lesson is awesome. I did something similar but I used pieces of lyrics from a group of songs then as an assignment I asked them to find song lyrics that illustrate the figurative language that they learned in class. This upcoming school year, I will use this assignment instead and still have them find their own songs as well as a separate assignment. Thank you for sharing this.
April 2014
This lesson was great! I had kids that have been avoiding work for some time become involved and really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing!
February 2014
Good resource. It would be nice to have lessons that teach what all these figurative language devices are on this same resource.
February 2014
it's very interesting...very lively and vivid......big thanks for sharing....
December 2013
Super cool! Plus I think this could work for a lot of other songs as well!
November 2013
This is a wonderful activity and so much fun for secondary education! I do just want to make one tiny correction though "after a hurricane comes a rainbow" is marked as "irony" in the teacher's guide. This doesn't really work as irony. I just want to make sure that students aren't getting the wrong information.
June 2013
It was a great resource! Thanks for posting!
May 2013
Thanks! I was planning on using songs they would enjoy for teaching figurative language. You have saved me a lot of time by making a useful worksheet (and by providing the memo too!)
May 2013
Good activity for figurative language. Lesson plans and additional resources would help provide teachers with multiple ways to use the resource.
December 2012
Task will be a great tool for reviewing key literary concepts.