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bicibus barcelona bike bus barcelona

The Bike Bus Barcelona or the "Bicibús." Photo: calvox&periche

Bike Bus Barcelona: Getting Students and Adults to School Safely

May 12, 2022

Bike Bus Barcelona: Getting Students and Adults to School Safely


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Students in Barcelona, Spain, are able to safely drive themselves to school as a part of the bici-bus. The bici-bus is a group of kids and adults who ride to and from school on bikes. Listen to hear more about this fun and environmentally-friendly way to travel. Begin listening to the podcast at 9:01 to get started!

Listening Comprehension Questions: Bike Bus Barcelona

  • How does the traffic on the road treat the bicyclers?
  • What types of vehicles participate in the bici-bus?
  • What do the bici-bus riders do while they ride to and from school, according to the story?
  • Why might bici-buses be popular in Barcelona, according to the story?

Discussion Themes

  • What might be the benefits and drawbacks of the bici-bus? Explain using details from the story and your own ideas.
  • Would you like to ride a bici-bus to school? Why or why not?

Republished with permission from Listenwise.


How to Access: Premium access is now available for free while schools are closed for COVID-19. Teach with podcasts covering a variety of topics.


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