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Volunteers plant mangroves to help counter climate change on a coastline habitat project.
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Volunteers plant mangroves to help counter climate change on a coastline habitat project. | Photo Credit: iStock

What Is Ecosystem-Based Adaptation?

April 18, 2023

What Is Ecosystem-Based Adaptation?

Ask Students: What is ecosystem-based adaptation? How can these types of solutions help communities being impacted by the adverse effects of climate change?


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How can humans adapt to life in urban and rural areas with the ongoing threat of climate change? Ecosystem-based adaptation is a strategy being employed by governments, farmers, scientists and communities to stave off the effects of climate change. Watch the video below from the United Nations Environmental Program and answer the discussion questions; then have students form groups and present one of the brief case studies below on how ecosystem-based adaptation is being used to preserve and revive communities.

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Discussion Questions

  • What is ecosystem-based adaptation?
  • How can these strategies help keep cities cooler?
  • What are some ways these techniques are helping farmers?
  • What is one of the top contributors to climate change that many of us use every day?

Activity: Choose a Community!

Have students form groups and examine one of the case studies below, then present it to the class and talk about the following questions: What problems is this community facing, and how are they being addressed? Have groups report back to the class on what they learned. Each video is one or two minutes long. Extension idea: Have groups briefly research which other regions are facing similar crises and if they’re pursuing similar solutions.

Student Voices: Explore More Climate Issues

Check out these short films from Share My Lesson partner The Global Search for Education - Planet Classroom to learn more about climate issues affecting communities around the world.

Lesson Plans on Climate Change

Explore more resources for educators to find a wide-range of relevant preK-12 lessons on climate change or supporting young people as they continue to lead the conversation around the climate change crisis.

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