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supreme court of the united states

January 19, 2024

Supreme Court Hears Critical Case on Executive Power

Ask students: How does the "Chevron deference" provide the executive branch the power to regulate industries like fishing?


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The Supreme Court heard arguments about whether a group of East Coast fishermen should be required to pay for a costly monitoring system on their boats. The fishermen are being supported by industry groups who want to curtail government regulation and the outcome could have enormous impacts far beyond the fishing industry. William Brangham discussed the case with Carrie Johnson of NPR.

For a transcript of this story, click here.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Who are the people that brought the case discussed in this story to the Supreme Court?
  2. What do the plaintiffs (those suing the government) claim is governmental overreach?
  3. How does the "Chevron deference" provide the executive branch the power to regulate industries like fishing?
  4. Why might the Supreme Court eliminate the Chevron deference?
  5. Who would make decisions about regulations if the power was removed from the executive branch?

Focus Questions

After listening to this story, what do you think would be the biggest impact of doing away with "Chevron deference"? What people would be most impacted?

Media literacy: Whose perspectives would you want to hear more from to understand the purpose and consequences of the Chevron deference?

Extension Activity

Discuss as a class: How do government regulations affect your day to day life? What are the tradeoffs involved in the government creating regulations?

The Supreme Court: Balancing the Branches Lesson Plans

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Republished with permission from PBS NewsHour Classroom.

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