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Remembering the 8 people killed in Texas mall attack - PBS reporters discuss memorials for the victims

May 10, 2023

Remembering the Eight People Killed in Texas Mall Shooting

Ask Students: Who are some of the people memorialized in this story? Where did the shooting mentioned in this story take place?


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As we learn more about the shooting in Allen, Texas, and the man behind it, we wanted to focus on the victims and take a moment to remember the lives lost in this attack, the 200th mass shooting of the year. As Geoff Bennett reports, two families lost multiple loved ones, including several children.

Teachers: You may wish to read 15 Tips for Talking with Children About Violence here. It is understandable for students to feel upset by the events in Nashville. Consider inviting your school counselor or administrator to your class to help facilitate the discussion, and let students know there are resources at the school including the counselor for them to speak with.

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Discussion Questions

  • Who are some of the people memorialized in this story?
  • Where did the shooting mentioned in this story take place?
  • How many adults and children were killed in the shooting?
  • What is known about the attack so far?
  • Why is it significant that this is the 200th shooting of the year so far?

Focus Questions

What is most important to know about mass shootings after they occur?

Media Literacy: This segment focuses mostly on the lives of the victims of the shooting and leaves out details about the shooter or shooting itself. Why do you think the victims were the focus?

Extension Discussion

How do you want to solve the mass shooting problem in the U.S.? How do other young people hope to solve it? Read this post, which includes ideas from teens across the country and was originally written in 2018. Discuss as a class — what would you add?

Addressing Gun Violence

Find free K-12 lesson plans and resources for educators, school staff and community members on gun laws, the second amendment, government debates and obstacles, gun violence, and action tools.

Republished with permission from PBS NewsHour Classroom.

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