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July 31, 2024 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM EDT

Green Literacy: How to Empower Young People Through Reading, Writing and Speaking About Environmental Social Justice


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Green Literacy: How to Empower Young People Through Reading, Writing and Speaking About Environmental Social Justice


July 31, 2024 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM EDT






Grade Level Grades K-5, Professional Development

About This Webinar

In this engaging session, educators will explore innovative strategies for empowering young people to become advocates for environmental social justice through reading, writing, and speaking activities. Participants will learn how to effectively integrate environmental themes into their curriculum while addressing issues of social equity and justice. Through hands-on activities, discussions, and collaborative exercises, educators will discover the power of literature as a tool for fostering empathy, critical thinking, and action among students. Teachers will gain practical insights into selecting age-appropriate literature that highlights environmental and social justice themes, as well as strategies for facilitating meaningful discussions around these topics. They will explore how to incorporate writing assignments that encourage students to analyze environmental injustices, articulate their perspectives, and propose solutions. Additionally, educators will learn techniques for promoting effective communication skills through public speaking exercises and presentations focused on environmental advocacy. 

By the end of the session, participants will leave with a toolkit of resources, lesson plans, and teaching strategies that they can implement in their classrooms to inspire a new generation of environmentally conscious and socially aware leaders. 

This free, for-credit webinar is just one of many running as part of Share My Lesson's Summer of Learning series. Register now to watch them live or later on demand. 


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Educator and Co-Founder, Green Literacy

Jen Cullerton Johnson is an educator and the co-founder of Green Literacy, dedicated to teaching children about sustainability. She holds an MEd and MFA. Jen is the children's book author of the following titles: Seeds of Change (Lee & Low), The Story of an Environmentalist (Lee & Low), and the forthcoming Semillas de Cambio (Lee and Low). She co-authored the Green Literacy Handbook (forthcoming by Solution Tree), a resource that integrates environmental concepts into school curricula. Through workshops, seminars, and publications, she actively promotes environmental awareness and sustainable practices, inspiring children and educators to protect the environment.

Professional Credit

Share My Lesson webinars are available for one-hour of PD credit. A certificate of completion will be available for download at the end of your session that you can submit for your school's or district's approval.

In addition, Share My Lesson has arrangements in place as follows: