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March 19, 2024 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT

Re-Imagining Belonging: Welcoming Newcomers and Creating Community


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Re-Imagining Belonging: Welcoming Newcomers and Creating Community


March 19, 2024 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT







English-Language Learners (ELL), Students with Disabilities
Grade Level Grades K-12, Professional Development

About This Webinar

2024 must be the year of belonging. We cannot turn away from the rising isolation and ostracization of the youth. Not only are our most impressionable community members navigating community building post-lockdown and amidst the pandemic, but they are doing so under the heavy influence of social media and divisive politics. Young people are inundated with messaging that labels others and excludes their peers, often along racial, class, religious, and national lines. At the same time, many school districts are taking in increasing and often unexpected numbers of newcomers. How can we ensure that the school communities they enter are welcoming and inclusive?

As schools strive to create spaces where newcomer students can thrive, we must place belonging at the heart of intake plans. The increase in migration presents an opportunity to reimagine the school system as a whole, to center around each and every student's identity and community formation. In this 2024 Share My Lesson Virtual Conference session, we will briefly introduce the Re-Imagining Migration framework, specifically on our first pillar, understanding the students we are teaching.

We will highlight tools designed to center student agency in building meaningful, healthy community relationships and provide examples of school districts already centering on belonging as interweaving it into their academic environment.


Profile picture for user Meisha Lamb-Bell
Program Director, Re-Imagining Migration

Meisha is a dedicated educator with a profound commitment to expanding social impact through fostering equitable access to education, vital resources, and purposeful programming. As a Questbridge scholar, Meisha’s unwavering dedication lies in cultivating inclusive academic environments that not only ignite a lifelong passion for learning but also galvanize collective action. Throughout her academic journey at Brown University, Meisha actively engaged in endeavors aimed at enhancing college access and facilitating successful matriculation. After graduating from Brown, Meisha started her career in public finance, optimizing funding for the higher education and nonprofit team. Before joining RIM, she served as a classroom teacher, where she prioritized student joy, community building, and illuminating and eliminating covert and compounding barriers to equity.

Profile picture for user Adam Strom
Educational Organization / Business Professional

Adam Strom has spent his entire educational career working to create communities of belonging within and outside the classroom. He is the executive director of Re-Imagining Migration, an organization whose mission is to advance the education and well-being of immigrant-origin youth, decrease bias and hatred against young people of diverse origins, and help rising generations develop the critical understanding necessary to build and sustain welcoming and inclusive communities.

Profile picture for user Emily_Francis
(ESL) Teacher, Concord High School

 Astrid Emily Francis is a nationally recognized English as a Second Language teacher at Concord High School in Concord, North Carolina. She serves students at various English proficiency levels. Emily is originally from Guatemala and her experience as an English Language Learner inspired her to become an ESL teacher. This affords her a deep understanding of the challenges her students must overcome to succeed. Emily earned a BA in Spanish and a MAT in ESL from UNC-Charlotte. She serves as a professional development facilitator, motivational and keynote speaker. Emily is part of UNC-Charlotte College of Education’s Advisory Board. Emily served as teacher liaison to the Cabarrus County Board of Education as a district Teacher of the Year in 2016. 

Emily is the author of If You Only Knew: Letters from an Immigrant Teacher.

As a leader, Emily’s focus is to inspire students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.

Professional Credit

Share My Lesson webinars are available for one-hour of PD credit. A certificate of completion will be available for download at the end of your session that you can submit for your school's or district's approval.

In addition, Share My Lesson has arrangements in place as follows:



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