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As a new teacher in New York City, you have the good fortune to be represented by the UFT, one of the most respected unions in the nation. It's our job to ensure that you have the resources and support you need.  The UFT and Share My Lesson have partnered to provide you with this website, filled with lesson plans and other classroom materials to help you have a successful year.

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Getting ready for a new school year involves so many different responsibilities that it is difficult to know how to begin what seems to be a crushing undertaking. Like all tasks, however, breaking down the various components into easy-to-manage bits not only will make the workload more manageable, but also will allow to you have fun as you get ready to meet your new students.


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Make the most of 2017 with your students. Share My Lesson has curated our top resources to motivate you and your students, refine classroom management and boost social and emotional learning. You’ll find essential back-to-basics materials, and tips and strategies we promise will be easy to...

Share My Lesson is showcasing our best and most popular resources of 2016. This new curated collection includes: the top classroom management professional development webinars, the most-read blog posts and our most downloaded lesson plans and class activities.

Share My Lesson has an updated collection of resources and lesson plans to help promote dialogue with students and families to help establish and maintain a supportive and positive school environment. Find free K-12 lessons, blogs, videos and classroom activities.