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As a new teacher in New York City, you have the good fortune to be represented by the UFT, one of the most respected unions in the nation. It's our job to ensure that you have the resources and support you need.  The UFT and Share My Lesson have partnered to provide you with this website, filled with lesson plans and other classroom materials to help you have a successful year.

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Getting ready for a new school year involves so many different responsibilities that it is difficult to know how to begin what seems to be a crushing undertaking. Like all tasks, however, breaking down the various components into easy-to-manage bits not only will make the workload more manageable, but also will allow to you have fun as you get ready to meet your new students.


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We celebrate Earth Day every April 22. It is an annual celebration currently celebrated in 192 countries. This year, in honor of the March for Science, we expanded our collection with resources to celebrate science more broadly, from the oceans to outer space.

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Share My Lesson's curated collection for all school staff—from bus drivers and cafeteria workers to nurses, counselors, classroom aides and teachers--is full of useful resources. You’ll find new ideas and professional development webinars on managing student behavior, preventing bullying, and...

Baseball, America's favorite pastime, is also a great theme for cross-curricular K-12 lesson plans. Use this new curated Share My Lesson collection to get students interested in subjects of all kinds: English language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education and health. 

This updated collection of free lesson plans, activities and handouts for Mathematics Awareness Month is one you’ll use the whole year through. From word problems and graphing to algebra and statistics, you’ll find engaging K-12 lessons you can’t wait to use with your students.

Visit PBS NewsHour Extra for more education resources designed to help teachers and students identify the who, what, where and why-it-matters of the major national and...