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Share My Lesson Wins CODiE Ed Tech Award

May 23, 2024

Share My Lesson Wins CODiE Ed Tech Award

Share My Lesson wins CODiE Ed Tech Award for Best Collaboration Tool for Teachers! Join us and let's keep innovating together.


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We are so excited to share the news that thanks to the community we’ve grown together, Share My Lesson received a prestigious CODiE Ed Tech award for Best Collaboration Tool for Teachers. In case you didn’t gather from the shouty capital letters in the opening, I’m beaming with pride at this community, which continues to add members every day. 

This award is all about the incredible power of community and collaboration. We’re so honored to be recognized for our work in creating a space where educators can get together, share resources, support each other, and ultimately improve learning for students everywhere. This recognition really motivates us to keep innovating, growing, and making Share My Lesson even better for everyone. 

Join Our Community!

Speaking of community, have you joined the Share My Lesson community on Facebook? Check it out.

Congratulations to all of us. Let’s keep growing and innovating together. Speaking of innovating together, have you joined our AI and Education Community? We are bringing teachers and paraprofessionals to the table as we explore artificial intelligence and how it impacts our work. Join today.

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Join the AI in Education Community

Join the team from the AI Educator Brain, which includes AFT’s Share My Lesson director Kelly Booz; New York City Public Schools teacher Sari Beth Rosenberg and EdBrAIn, our AI teammate (yes, it named and designed itself!). In this community, we will dissect the pros and cons of AI tools in education. Our mission: to determine how AI can support teaching and learning, and when it might be best to stick with tried-and-true methods.

Kelly Booz
Kelly Carmichael Booz oversees the AFT PreK-12 online resources serving 2.1 million educators on the AFT's, the AFT's E-Learning professional development platform, and the production and dissemination of PreK-12 publication for the AFT's 1.7 million members. Kelly was appointed by... See More

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