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Free Resources for Teachers on Earth Day

April 19, 2023

Free Resources for Teachers on Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up, help your students understand the causes of climate change, its effects, and what can be done to save the planet.


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Climate change is the crisis of your students' generation, and it isn’t just an environmental concern. The consequences will profoundly affect issues like migration, national security and foreign policy. 

Earth Day is April 22, and these expert-informed resources can help you explain the causes of climate change, its effects, and what can be done to save the planet. Explore an introductory climate change lesson plan to get you started.

High School

Addressing climate change is a collective responsibility, but how that responsibility is divvied up often depends on greenhouse gas emissions, the driving force behind climate change.

Developed countries, which have produced most of the world's cumulative emissions, and developing countries, which are just now becoming top annual emitters, have opposing views on how emissions should be considered. 

Who is responsible for climate change?

Have your class watch this video that discusses the arguments of both developed and developing countries. Then ask your students to write a short persuasive essay from the viewpoint of their choosing.

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What is climate change inequality?

From heat waves and wildfires to more frequent storms, your students have felt the effects of climate change, even if they haven’t realized it. These consequences, however, are not evenly distributed around the world.

Use this comic strip, which follows two people living in separate communities, to show how the effects of rising temperatures can affect people in strikingly different ways.

comic strip of two individuals living in two very different communities,

Continue the discussion about the unequal effects of climate change with your class using these editable Google Slides.

Higher Education

To slow climate change, the world needs innovative solutions from the public and private sectors. Use the examples from the resources below to explore different mitigation efforts with your class.

How can artificial intelligence combat climate change?

AI has far-reaching applications for combating climate change, such as helping meteorologists better forecast extreme weather events and allowing farmers to grow crops with significantly less water. Explore AI solutions.

Can the government incentivize being green?

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that was passed last year is the United States’ largest-ever investment in addressing climate change and includes billions of dollars of incentives for both individuals and companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Learn about the IRA.

As we continue to feel the effects of climate change, it is important that our young people are given the tools to understand what is occurring and how to be part of the solution. 

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