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November 3, 2020

Four Election 2020 Kahoots! To Engage Your Students

Kahoot! Academy has teamed up with PBS NewsHour EXTRA to launch a collection of games focused on engaging students in key issues about this year’s election.


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Election 2020 Kahoots! for Engaging Students

Exciting announcement! PBS NewsHour EXTRA began a collaboration with Kahoot! Academy focused on making learning about current events engaging, accessible and fun for students.

Election Day in the United States is here, and many parents and teachers are looking for ways to educate students about the political process and foster meaningful civic engagement both in time for the election and to help understand what will follow.

Kahoot! Academy has teamed up with PBS NewsHour EXTRA to launch a collection of games that cover key issues about this year’s election for students and learners of all ages. 

On that note, we will also be rolling out more content after the election to help students understand changes in government and ways to stay engaged in civic life, even for those too young to vote. We will continue to add to the Election 2020 quiz set through the inauguration as we explore key electoral issues like the potential transfer of power, voting rights and the role of the Supreme Court.

Engaging Students in Election 2020

As students play the four learning games already launched in the Election 2020 collection, they can test their knowledge and learn new facts about politics today, helping them build a foundational understanding of how U.S. elections work, the candidates’ stances on key issues and the importance of local elections. The collection’s most popular game, “Election 2020 Kahoot: What You Need to Know!” has now been played by over 135K participating players.

More Kahoot games based on the content of the PBS NewsHour: 

Election Day!

Candidates: The Economy


Candidates: Our Health 

Students also have the opportunity to express their own opinions about hot-button issues, including health care access, mask wearing during COVID-19 and more. By playing these games, students can not only become more informed about current events, but also practice using their voice and actively engage in issues that matter.

Look for more games to follow in the coming days and weeks!

Learn more about this kahoot collection and play them with your kids or students on the PBS NewsHour EXTRA Kahoot! Academy Premium partner page


Republished with permission from PBS NewsHour Extra.

PBS NewsHour Classroom helps teachers and students identify the who, what, where and why-it-matters of the major national and international news stories.

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