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April 6, 2018

Join Schools Around the Globe for 50/50 Day on April 26


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What would the world be like if it were more gender-balanced? How would it change our schools, homes, our communities and even our planet? From opportunity to access to equal pay, and much more, 50/50 Day is committed to helping everyday people become champions and active participants in the changes our world so desperately needs.

More than 25,000 groups around the globe are already signed up for the second annual 50/50 Day on April 26. Thousands of schools, companies, museums, libraries and homes—anywhere people already gather—will be hosting free film screenings and tapping into a global online discussion about how we are going to get to a more gender-balanced world that is better for everyone. Everything is FREE thanks to generous grants and donations. All participating groups will:

  1. Screen the acclaimed 20-minute film 50/50 (view it here) or watch the new two-minute film What If (which will be premiering on 50/50 Day).
  2. Tap into a live online Q&A that unifies all the film screenings and features prominent leaders with diverse perspectives discussing how to get to a more gender-balanced world in all sectors of society: business, politics, culture and home. View last year’s lineup here.
  3. Take a look at our printed discussion materials to help you dive deeper into the conversation.
  4. The 50/50 Day team will be releasing pledges for individuals, companies and schools so everyone can start taking action #Gettingto5050.

Visit to learn more about this global movement and to sign up your school!

About the Author

Makenzie Darling’s experience is in educational technology, with an emphasis on how students (K-12 through higher education) can improve outcomes through technology and experiential learning. She is passionate about education, especially when it relates to one’s character, interpersonal relationships and helping to forge leaders of our next generation. She has produced two global initiatives called Character Day and 50/50 Day. Follow her on twitter: @rowandrelease

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