Think you can guess what educators searched for most in 2018?


By Randi WeingartenAmerican Federation of Teachers president, committed to improving schools, hospitals and public institutions for children, families and communities.

It may not be the most traditional way to spend the holidays (like spending time with family), but reading up on what Share My Lesson members searched for most in the past year has become one of my favorite end-of-year rituals. Yes, I know, typical nerdy civics teacher, right? But really—hear me out.

In 2018, Share My Lesson’s top resources covered topics like the #MeToo movement, climate change, supporting immigrant students, mental health awareness, gun violence prevention, and combating hate and anti-Semitism. If this sounds like a list of the year’s top news headlines, that’s because it’s practically a mirror image. Teachers are grappling with how to support students as they try to understand and process the world around them, and I am so proud educators are turning to Share My Lesson for help as they teach about these difficult and important issues.

From the webinar we did with Steven Spielberg on using Schindler’s List in the classroom, to our “Today’s News, Tomorrow’s Lesson” partnership with PBS NewsHour, to blog posts by teachers on the #MeToo movement in schools and on Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy, Share My Lesson’s most timely and topical content was by far our most popular this year. And to me, that speaks volumes.

The AFT strives to provide educators with the high-quality resources they need to foster dynamic learning in their schools. It’s important to all of us here at Share My Lesson that the site is responsive to what educators need—that’s why we take the time to pore over the stats at the end of every year. And the message Share My Lesson members are sending us loud and clear is that they need our support as they help students navigate the world around them. We’re proud to be able to offer that support, free of charge, to Share My Lesson’s 1.4 million members.

So, friends, as we begin a new year, nerd out with me: Check out the best of the best—Share My Lesson’s top resources of the year. And from all of us here at the AFT and SML, we wish you a very happy new year!

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