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A Guide to Teaching and Thriving with New Technologies

March 29, 2023

A Guide to Teaching and Thriving with New Technologies

Educators are having to adjust to new technologies at a rapid pace. Here are four Share My Lesson resources to get you started.


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How are you equipping yourself with the resources to keep up with emerging technological challenges like generative artificial intelligence, disinformation and more? 

Being a technologically savvy educator is more important than ever before in today’s classrooms. These new tools, though often intimidating, play an integral part in the dynamic nature of education, providing new opportunities for teaching, learning, and collaboration with students and colleagues. And educators who embrace technology are better equipped to engage students and enhance their learning experience.

Although the 2023 Share My Lesson Virtual Conference is over, you can still sign up for one of our expert-led, free professional development sessions covering topics like ChatGPT, TikTok, disinformation and more. As a Share My Lesson member, you also have access to an array of free lesson plans and resources from the SML community that will help you get acclimated to new tech in the classroom. Start learning about some of the newest technologies affecting students and educators with these four free, for-credit professional development webinars now available on demand.


Practical Approaches to Advance Original Thinking in a World with ChatGPT

When an AI writing tool like ChatGPT can deliver a passable persuasive essay in seconds, what’s stopping students from having such systems do all of their schoolwork for them? What are the implications of these technologies for the future that awaits today’s students? This new on-demand 2023 Virtual Conference webinar with Turnitin helps answer these questions and more.

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Media Literacy in the Age of AI Chat Bots and TikTok Algorithms

How can educators adapt their media literacy instruction As students embrace emerging AI like ChatGPT and trending platforms like TikTok as primary sources of information? In this 2023 Share My Lesson Virtual Conference session, NewsGuard discusses how new technologies yield new forms of misinformation—and how educators can help students build resiliency in this shifting information landscape.

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common sense education

Adulting in a Tech World: DigCit for All Humans

With our tech-filled lives, what can you do to prevent being financially duped, getting ruffled about social media, or mindlessly binging for too long? Check out this hilarious, interactive “what would you do?” 2023 Share My Lesson Virtual Conference session with Common Sense Education in which participants debate sticky situations and learn how to stay smart, sane and less stressed by today's tech-filled world.

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Flat Earth to Free Societies: Responding to Disinformation in a Changing World

Did you know the AFT is sponsoring the creation of a toolkit to help educators and parents teach secondary students about the dangers of disinformation? This new on-demand webinar focuses on a specific case study from this toolkit that teachers can use immediately with students in their classrooms.

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Bonus: Building Digital Literacy

Help students become more critical consumers of what they see online with these free preK-16 lesson plans and resources on digital safety and media literacy.

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Andy Kratochvil is an SML team member who loves hiking, video games, scary books, Mexican food, and finding great content for the Share My Lesson community.He studied political science and French at California State University, Fullerton and received his Master’s in International Affairs from Americ


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