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Teaching Resources for Discussing the Conflict in Ukraine

March 28, 2022

Teaching Resources for Discussing the Conflict in Ukraine


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Like many of you, Listenwise is following news about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with an eye for information and perspectives that could be useful for classroom instruction. We’ve heard from many teachers that they are struggling to find sufficient age-appropriate content from trustworthy sources to share with their students. We see ourselves as uniquely positioned to assist teachers in curating audio content that can be used as teaching resources for discussing the conflict in Ukraine.

Recently, we’ve searched our library of over 2800 podcasts to pull lessons and resources relevant to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Below are a list of podcasts that cover the current conflict, episodes that provide historical context, and blog posts with strategies for teaching about current events.

Listenwise Podcast Lessons About the Ukraine Conflict


How to Access: Premium access is now available for free while schools are closed for COVID-19. Teach with podcasts covering a variety of topics.


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