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Back to School: First Day of School and Beyond

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Back to School: First Day of School and Beyond


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Back to School: First Day of School and Beyond
#10 Collection 2023

About This Collection

Prepare for Back to School with Share My Lesson!

There's a special kind of exhilaration that comes with the back-to-school season. It's a dizzying array of freshly sharpened pencils, the crisp pages of unmarked notebooks, the hopeful smiles of new faces and, yes, a hearty dash of organized chaos. It's a time when the potential of an all-new academic year hangs in the air, buzzing with the thrill of learning and the challenges ahead. Thankfully, Share My Lesson is here to make sure this annual rollercoaster ride is less daunting and more thrilling, even for educators.

Our extensive collection of back-to-school resources is designed to support educators like you in navigating the beautiful mess of the beginning of the school year. The aim is to empower you to hit the ground running, filled with confidence and the necessary tools to foster a successful, dynamic learning environment.

Use this updated collection of back-to-school resources, ideas and lesson plans on topics like:

Designing a functional classroom: The design of a classroom isn't just about aesthetics—it can significantly affect the learning process. An organized, welcoming and engaging space can boost students' mood, focus and productivity. Design elements, such as seating arrangements, can influence collaboration and engagement, while wall displays and learning centers can stimulate creativity and curiosity. A well-designed classroom ensures that educational resources are accessible and serves as a silent facilitator of effective learning.

Understanding lesson planning and assessment: Lesson planning and assessment are the compass and barometer of education. Lesson plans guide the educational journey, providing a clear direction for teaching while ensuring the curriculum standards are met effectively. A well-structured plan also allows for flexibility, letting teachers adjust to the dynamic nature of classroom learning. Simultaneously, assessments offer insight into students' understanding, progress and needs. They provide valuable feedback for teachers, helping them tailor their instructional approach to maximize learning.

Building welcoming communities: A classroom is more than a room—it's a community. Cultivating an environment where all students feel welcomed, respected and valued fosters their emotional well-being, confidence and motivation. Building such a community enhances student engagement and participation and promotes a culture of empathy, respect and cooperation. It also allows students to take risks in their learning, knowing that they are supported.

Fun icebreakers/first week activities: The first week of school sets the tone for the rest of the year. Fun icebreakers and activities are crucial for easing the transition back into the school routine. They help students get to know each other, encouraging friendships and collaboration. For teachers, they provide an opportunity to learn about students' personalities, strengths and needs. Moreover, these activities create an atmosphere of fun and excitement, reducing anxiety and fostering a positive attitude toward learning.

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