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Bullying in Schools: Lesson Plans and Resources for Prevention

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Bullying in Schools: Lesson Plans and Resources for Prevention


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Stop Bullying in Schools. You Can Stand Up and Make a Difference.

For bullying prevention month, we are highlighting resources designed to support teachers and paraprofessionals in fostering a positive school climate, and in particular, how to create a classroom environment in which you can address racism and stereotyping--topics at the forefront of our national dialogue. These featured preK-12 lessons, activities and articles also include ways to prevent bullying before it starts.Bullying is a community issue that extends beyond the school campus and is prevalent online. Share My Lesson is partnering with educators and support staff, school leaders, community and advocacy groups to recognize, prevent and combat bullying while establishing safe and welcoming schools. Educators know the importance of building a positive school culture—a safe and supportive environment in which positive relationships are fostered. Yet we know that this does not always describe communities of learning. And often, when these essential components are not there, serious behavior issues manifest in classrooms and on school campuses.

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Our bullying in schools collection was the #2 favorite collection of 2017 #2 Top Collection of 2017  #4 Collection of the Decade