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Immigration Lesson Plans and Resources

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Immigration Lesson Plans and Resources


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Exploring the Process of Immigration

Share My Lesson has curated these immigration lesson plans & resources to raise awareness about the crisis on the border, and the need to foster awareness, cooperation and mutual understanding. In this collection, you will find dozens of rich, engaging resources to teach about immigration policy, history, and awareness with preK-12 students.

Digging Deeper: Immigration Lesson Plans and Exploring History

What’s happening at the border is not a new phenomenon. The United States is overshadowed by a history of racism, particularly in the realm of linking new waves of immigrants to the spread of disease. During the 19th century, the United States accused Irish immigrants of spreading cholera, or, what they termed the Irish disease. In the 1880s, Chinese immigrants were labeled as carriers of smallpox and the plague, which galvanized the movement that supported the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act.

Explore Resources on Immigrant Heritage

Share My Lesson is providing innovative and rich ways to recognize all the pieces that make America what it is. Celebrate students, educators, families and communities with these preK-12 resources and lesson plans.