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Jazz Appreciation Lesson Plans

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Jazz Appreciation Lesson Plans


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Jazz Appreciation Lesson Plans

About This Collection

Jazz Appreciation Month, celebrated each April, honors jazz as a distinctive American art form, marking the birthdays of legends like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Gerry Mulligan and Tito Puente. It offers a unique opportunity for educators and parents to dive deep into the rich tapestry of jazz history, its influential figures, and the genre's global impact on music and culture. The Share My Lesson team has curated a comprehensive collection of free PreK-12 teaching resources, lesson plans, and activities to bring the vibrant world of jazz into the classroom. This collection aims to not only educate students about the historical significance of jazz and its pioneers but also to inspire them to appreciate the creativity and improvisation that define the genre. Engaging students with jazz can help develop their understanding of musical techniques, cultural diversity, and the power of artistic expression.

This compilation of resources provides an array of approaches to explore jazz, from interactive lessons that dissect musical compositions, to activities that explore the cultural and social contexts in which jazz flourished. Teachers and parents can find materials tailored to different age groups and learning stages, ensuring that students of all ages can appreciate the depth and breadth of jazz music. Whether through listening exercises, performance analysis, or exploration of jazz's influence on modern music genres, these resources offer valuable insights into a musical tradition that has shaped American culture and the world beyond. By integrating jazz appreciation into educational experiences, educators can foster a deeper, more nuanced understanding of this influential art form, encouraging a lifelong appreciation for the creativity and innovation that jazz embodies.