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Labor Day: Union Education Resources

Labor Day: Union Education Resources


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Labor Day Lesson Plans and Resources for Prek-12 Students

Do your students know where Labor Day began? How labor unions work? What impact have they had on the course of history, workers' rights and workplace safety, particularly in the United States? Share My Lesson has curated a collection of lesson plans, activities and resources to help you explore the role of labor unions in society with your preK-12 students.

Labor Day: Digging Deeper

Take a closer look at how labor unions strive to address fairness and dignity in the workplace, and help your students explore some of the social justice issues unions have fought for. This curated collection of labor day lesson plans and resources also references contracts, collective bargaining, negotiations, the role of voting, strikes and resolutions. Learn more about the American Federation of Teachers history and about their preK-12 education work.



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