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Summer Learning Activities for PreK-12 Kids

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Summer Learning Activities for PreK-12 Kids


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Summer Learning Activities for PreK-12 Kids

About This Collection

Summer Learning for All Students

Summertime offers a brilliant backdrop to blend structured lessons with spontaneous learning, all while having fun! Learning isn't just a nine-month journey; it’s a year-round adventure; and the long summer break provides an excellent opportunity to encourage curiosity, spark imagination, and nurture a lifelong passion for learning.

Share My Lesson provides free, high-quality summer learning content to meet the varied needs and interests of PreK-12 students. Whether it’s interactive STEM activities that morph your backyard into a mini science lab, arts and crafts projects that inspire creativity, or literacy resources that turn each book into an epic adventure, we've got the right tools for every learner.

These summer learning lesson ideas and activities for preK-12 kids encourages the fusion of academic curriculum and playful discovery as an essential part of an enriching educational experience. It also serves as a hub for both educators and parents seeking to keep preK-12 students engaged, learning, and ready to embrace the next school year with heightened enthusiasm and a stronger foundation of background knowledge.

This collection of resources is split into five categories covering summer learning activities for:

  • Preschool Activities
  • Elementary School Activities
  • Middle School Activities
  • High School Activities
  • Healthy Living

Many of these resources come from users just like you, but we also have excellent contributions from Share My Lesson partners like NASA Education, Science Friday, and Young Minds Inspired.

All educators and parents want to motivate their students to keep working hard—even when they’re not in school! And by using these fun, free resources throughout the summer, we can ensure that students stay engaged, continue to develop their skills, and are prepared to hit the ground running when the new school year begins. Get started by checking out some of the sample resources below, then begin browsing the entire catalog here.

Your Summer of Learning

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