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Top 2022 Share My Lesson Resources and Lesson Plans

115 Resources

Top 2022 Share My Lesson Resources and Lesson Plans


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Every year in December, we crunch the data on Share My Lesson looking at what resources and lesson plans teachers and educators are using. At the end of the year, our top resources give us a glimpse into classrooms and schools across the country so we can see what our teachers, support staff, paraprofessionals, and parents and caregivers needed to support their students and themselves.

Our 2022 story is a focus on diversity and inclusion, a return to some classroom normalcy, a real focus on literacy, a need for health and wellness for students and adults, a story of heartache between the war in Ukraine to many more children's, teachers' and educators' lives lost to gun violence, and a story of focus on civics and democracy. 

Join us in seeing what made our best of the best for 2022.